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10 Months without Her

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Ten Months without Anna, it seems so much longerĀ  that I haven’t felt her close to me -and yet only yesterday that we laid her to rest.

My constant prayer and my fervent wish is that this beautiful corageous soul is safe and happy. The pictures in this post are not necessarily of of wild-flowers but also of otherĀ  images that meant so much to both of us.


















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One Comment

  1. This project to publish some of the beautiful images Anna and I had collected was one of the few things that drove me on in the first few months after Anna’s death.
    It was one of the only way I could think of to keep her memory alive, the only way in which this brave selfless person could possibly leave just a little imprint on the world, so that someone somewhere in the world might view these pictures. share the beauty and for a moment remember that she once existed.
    It is my way of acknowledging the many years I have loved Anna,my way of expressing the grief I continue to feel at losing her and the deep imprint she has left on my whole life.
    Ten months on and this sadness remains, I still miss her constantly and still love her more than I did before.
    I continue to publish but then sometimes I wonder,,, ..Is It worth it ? does it really make any difference? ,,
    But if the pictures gives some comfort to even one person who has lost someone they love and in viewing this post they feel just a little less lonely, the effort is not wasted and Anna would be happy.

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