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Sunsets and other magic


Sunsets, sunrises and all the beautiful sights that enthralled and captivated our senses and signposted our  journey through life.

As I watch each sunset alone it is void of all those special feelings, and I wonder whether a sunset without Anna will ever be the same again.

In spite of the fact that each sunset  is tinged with sadness,  how grateful I am  that destiny brought us together,  to  share  so many magic moments  and so many happy memories .


The above image of Anna (taken many  years earlier) was an innocent picture of her  on a beautiful beach at sunset .

Now, after her passing  it is filled with so much symbolism for me, -it almost seems as though Anna is walking away into the sunset…



The blowholes at quobba always held a fascination for Anna, over the years it became a regular stop for us.

Regardless of the number of times we stopped,  Anna and I would  stand together in silence ,  listening to the thunderous noise as the water pushed its way high into the air, then falling in a fine mist onto the weather-beaten cliffs.

Then  relative silence, except for the sound of water  trickling back  in myriads of small waterfalls into the receding turbulent ocean.

At the end of this chapter as “WE” , I now wonder what this future holds.
I am filled with fear and longing, as this  new chapter as “I” unfolds.

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