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One year without her


I struggled for such a long time  to find the right words, the right direction for this post, I wanted it so much to be  worthy of  her memory, but what direction could I possibly take to mark a time which affected so many of us that loved her?

Then like so many  other times before,  deep inside me I could hear her re-assuring voice:

“Remember why you started this post, it was to share the images we collected”  

“- just let  the images tell the story “

The first image that effortlessly fell into place was another of the wreath Leshanaultia, the flower with which these posts had started

This shape was another of Anna’s favourites because she said  it reminded her of her old rag doll which throughout her childhood  had given her security and comfort at times when she felt lonely or sad.

I imagine that like our journeys together in the past, there are also many paths to take in this new place where Anna has now passed to.

 Each path is  filled with beauty and wonder,  but is possibly also a lonely journey as Anna searches this new place for her spiritual home.

I  pray  that like that  rag doll that once gave her comfort, the image of the flowers transcends this barrier between us to give  her strength and comfort in her loneliness, until she reaches her heaven, her place where her spirit is free and fulfilled.

So many paths to take


timeless places



so much beauty

I imagine that  at times Anna might reach familiar landmarks, almost parallel to the places we once  saw together.


Like that waterfall

 and  the cold silky feeling of the water  below, remembering how peaceful it was to float in the crisp clear water,  gazing up at the rainbows formed by the water-drops,  as  they tumbled down that tall steep cliff.

the images continue to flow, painting the story that is AnnasFlower








Comments that posts are sometimes illogical, disjointed, edgy are all quite true, -there is no logic or sense to loss ,  the logical, planned world  that once governed our lives is replaced  by a world where logic is replaced by emotions, and planning is at the best a few days at a time.

At times when you feel as though you will be overwhelmed by those emotions,  you think of peaceful scenes, -that field of ever-lastings and the happiness on Anna’s face, the peace  of that day flows over you and for a while your mind rests.

Like Anna who loved to share, this is the essence of  AnnasFlower

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