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Once Long Ago

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This post begins once long ago, a happy carefree time on a distant beach,

Anna and I were fishing off the rocks, oblivious to the artist busy at work at her easel

 As we continued to  fish   it felt so good to enjoy the warmth of the sun , the  idle chatter of the seagulls as they swooped over the water and the regular splash of the waves against the rocks.

 We both felt silently and totally comfortable with each other,   occasionally we would exchange a glance and know that for both of us these were precious moments in  life.

 Eventually we noticed the artist and   went to see what she  had painted.

We looked at the water-colour and realized in amazement  that it was US and the surrounding scenery that she had captured.

She saw in our eyes how we greedily absorbed every detail in the painting, searching for something, — but for what?

-after all t was just a scenery, and yet we both knew that within that painting was another dimension, which  captured the absolute happiness we felt that day.

Through the artist’s generosity we came to own that painting and for all these many years that little water-colour has  remained hanging proudly on our wall.

At times through those years when the  daily grind got the better of us, we would  gaze into that painting,  searching for that other dimension, that “scent of time”

Sometimes we would  connect  to the soul of the painting and as we stared into the painting  we would go back in time and the peace and happiness of that day would ebb and flow over us,

the  sea lapping and curling between our toes, and that soft cool breeze blowing on our bare skin would renewed our spirits.

Our problems then seemed a littlless daunting,  -almost as though they had been washed away by that crisp clear water  on that distant beach of long ago.

As the years went by  we accumulated many precious moments like these,  then   sometimes a familiar “scent” might linger in the air  leading us  back in time, so that for just a moment we could re-live those precious  moments of long ago.

Amedeo Minghi the great  Italian romantic singer  and poet of our time describes these emotions in his beautiful musical track  called “The scent of time”  (profumo del Tempo) which has been used as the background audio to  the slideshow at the end of this post.

He sings of  an open hearth and childhood happiness around that warm fire’s glow, of childhood memories of family, of love and Christmas in the snow.

He  remembers those childhood holidays, of happiness and so much fun, of running free along the the beach  and the feel of the warm summer sun.

As time marches on, another scent replaces that  of that childhood innocence ,  

With  a  a memory of that most wonderous feeling of all,

-the feeling of being in love for the very first time, -and  then the first tears shed for love.

As time progresses  this first love is replaced by something  stronger, a love that lasts much longer

safe in each others arms ,  protected from the world  ,by an umbrella of love

But time marches on and soon all we have left are those precious memories which are  but

– a scent in the wind of time,

-the smell of the ocean, 

-or a picture of a lost love.

-“All sensory stimulations which guide us down that familiar path, “a scent of time” ….

(acknowledgement to  Amedeo Minghi  (composer/ singer)and Mietta(singer) for this beautiful tune )


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  1. Thanks for the beautiful memories, love the slideshow with the music
    it captures the heart of Anna
    Love Enza

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