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I can’t Console 2

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I cant console, I cant console

more than a year since she’s been gone

The pain I feel is just as raw

Just as it was the year before

Most waking moments of my time

still filled with Anna on my mind

Yet unlike the year before

I just can’t remember that dress she wore.

We hugged together in this room

Yet I cant remember her sweet perfume

I try to remember her gentle touch

and yet each time it slips my grasp

I hold her dress so close to me

to try and feel sweet memories

I hold her letters close to my heart

and yet somehow were still far apart

I cant console I can’t console

she was my heart my love my soul

Not much has changed since she’s been gone

I am just so tired of being alone

all I want for just one day

is to let  this sadness go away

I can’t console Ican’t console

where is my heart my love my soul

The girl I I love so very much

Lord how I miss her tender touch

I need her strength  to light my way

but at times she seems so far away

Please dear Lord dont let it be

Dont let that darkness fall on me

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One Comment

  1. Hi there, just wanted to say, I liked this post. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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