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Christmas 2011

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Christmas again
A time of hope and of renewal, a renewal of that cycle that will inspire hope and happiness
in our children and grandchildren, and all those who have touched our lives through the years
Old and new friends alike, in the hope that their lives are filled with love and happiness
just as our life has always been.

Remember Anna how much you loved those toy snow domes that you looked everywhere to buy for your grandchildren
especially your favourite, your perfect Christmas scene with ,snow covered hills, and the small cottages and the snow gently falling

Remember how you would shake the snow-dome and  like a child watch in fascination as the pretend snow settled on the ground and I knew that at that very moment your imagination had transported you to that enchanted place.


Wherever you are dear Anna I pray that your spirit can roam free so that you will see your perfect Christmas scene that was always so alive in your imagination.


Perhaps during Christmas your free spirit will also roam to that place that your heart called home.




But I know that on the way you will pause to gaze in fascination, at the trees that are now in flower , like the Australian Christmas tree drooping under the weight of thick yellow buds like a bright yellow blanket of snow.

Or the gum tree with flowers so red that always reminded us of Christmas.

or the beautiful snow-white flower of the paper-bark tree.

Those beautiful tiny red bells that you planted because you wanted to share their  beauty at Christmas with passers-by, and you chose the bells because they reminded you of  Christmas bells.

Along your journey  home you will gently touch the lives of the people you love to let them know that there is hope for the future

And perhaps on Christmas Day you will stay a little longer at the place you once called home
To lightly caress your loved ones to soothe the pain that is still so raw

to tell them you love them and that you are proud of them as you always were.

Of course you will smile at our old Christmas tree, remember dear Anna, as years went by we tried so many times
to replace that tree, with its branches slightly tattered and the green no longer quite so green,
but none of the shiny new trees we saw seemed quite good enough,
probably because our old tree and that nativity set we placed under the tree were powerful symbols
reminders of the love and the peace and the hope that our little family had shared each Christmas

Eventually both you and I then understood that that old tree could never be replaced.
So somehow or other each year we would dress up the tree, surround the nativity set with fresh cotton wool
and like all other years transform this little corner of our house to that magic place that carried so many of our hopes and dreams

Another Christmas without you dear Anna

Tears well up in my eyes as I watch our children and grandchildren busily decorating the Christmas tree
and the nativity set that You and I have held so dear for every Christmas since the first year we were married.
So many of our Christmas mornings were spent in happy chaos in that sacred little place under the tree
hearts filled with joy,watching our children excitedly unwrapping their presents, as we listened to the Carols
It seemed then that our happiness would last for ever and ever, -but time has gone by so quickly!

How could we possibly have predicted this lonely and painful path that life had planned for us?
Not too long ago at Christmas, OUR home was the hub of so many festive activities !,
Not too long ago on new Year’s Eve OUR home was filled with laughter and happiness
As we waited with family and friends, to greet each new year, our hearts filled with so much hope for the future

All has changed, nothing will ever be the same again, because without you our house is sad lonely place
Only filled with memories and echoes of past happiness and laughter which made this OUR home.

The cycle of life we relied on for certainty for so many years has changed forever and with such lightning speed that it leaves me breathless, confused and sad.

Unlike those happy times the doorbell is quiet most times now, because in place of your welcoming smile all I can offer now is your smiling picture and a flickering candle.

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One Comment

  1. Gene, took the time I promised to look over your Christmas 2011 posting–so beautiful, the pictures, the words of love. Your Anna would feel so pleased to be remembered with such love. She would want for you to find a sense of peace and a life not filled with such sorrow. I hope you understand this last statement, I know it is what my dear Brad would want for me. Keep up the wonderful work!
    Liz, as you know Anna would have wanted the posts and images to also be in honour of your dear Brad and the many other loved ones we miss so much. At these times of the year the longing to have our soul-mates by our sides is especially strong and tinged with sadness because of the realization that the love and happiness we shared with them for so long can now only be precious memories for us.
    To you Liz and my other dear friends with whom I continue to share this troubled “journey”, thank you and I truly hope that for all of us a sense of peace prevails. Gene

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