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Anna’s Rainbow


It’s been  several months since the last post,  the lack of content is not because I have magically healed

but more because this cycle of grief I am now experiencing has changed.

It has lost the raw energy that it had before

It has been replaced by a repressed grief

much harder to put into words, much harder to fathom, much harder to control,

 it creeps up on you when you least expect it with an attack so vicious that it leaves you reeling.

Sometimes you feel you are doing OK then suddenly a song, a photograph

or a  faint image of something you suddenly remember about her will throw you back into that darkness.

Recovery is faster than it once was but those memories can still take days to subside


Like the ripples in a pond a single event will stir old memories

and then for days you feel that familiar longing and sadness until all those ripples subside


Anna’s rainbow is all about some of the many memories that are precious to me

and were precious to Anna.

The rainbow represents a colourful beautiful world far removed from the darkness

It encircles us and instils a hope that  somehow through time and space

Anna’s world and our world, Anna’s dreams and ours are linked by this rainbow

so that in spite of the fact that  we can no longer physically touch

we will never feel far away from each other.

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