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Dreaming of Anna


I dont understand what this dream is about but since I dreamt it it has remained seared in my brain, I have tried to recreate a graphical representation of my dream, but like all representations it falls short of the minds eye view of that dream.

The last part is the text to the  dream, but if you wish to see a graphical presentation  with text then please click on one of the icons that follow, the first is in WMV  format (windows devices),  the second is in FLV  (flash)  format , the last is in MOV format (suitable for Macs,iphones,ipads)

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It is Rare that I dream of Anna but one night when
I was ill and very feverish I begged her to please talk to me.
As I drifted off to sleep, she came to me.
I couldn’t see her face but I knew it was her.

I felt her all around me and asked if she was OK
 she assured me she was and I shouldn’t worry.
I asked her what it was like where she was,  at that
moment she showed me a cloud, she said that this
was her place  and within it she could be anything, -and
anything she imagined in that cloud was possible.

She took me by the hand out to the darkness of space
and without saying a word she showed me this amazing sight:
As I watched in amazement countless beings were creating
this shiny fabric which they then put on.

I asked Anna what they were doing and she explained that with
this fabric they could travel anywhere in the universe.
As the spirits donned their fabric, the darkness of outer space
was filled with beautiful dancing swirling bright dots of white light,
moving inwards to the centre where they joined together;

Spinning and swirling until the centre of the sky was filled with
a multicolour spinning helical form. Then as they spun
out of the helix the spirits were transformed from white light into dots
of light of every imaginable colour.They continued to move slowly
out until the other part of the black of the universe was filled
with a myriad of colours.
New spirits joined, and the dance of light continued I asked
Anna why they did this and she gently replied “because we must”.

Suddenly I no longer felt her presence, I felt alone again and I choked
back the tears,then I felt at peace again, because because Anna made me realize

that like all the other spirits she had joined the dance of light

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  1. Gene I’ve had similar happen yrs ago when I was in grief for my best mate…I have no doubt you were in the presence of Anna and the God force…which is not 1 person but billions …beautiful treasure that time ..a gift from Anna.

  2. That’s so amazing.

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